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All things Atari! (2013-4-3)

It’s been a while since I’ve updated and there’s a reason for that, my love affair with Atari 8-Bit computing! I’ve been playing the cartridges on original hardware, emulating games with a passion, bidding on Atari items on E-Bay (and mostly losing as I’m a cheapskate!) and working towards the launch of a YouTube channel […]

How to Burn OS X Mountain Lion to a DVD! (2012-8-2)

I upgraded to OSX Mountain lion recently and wanted to burn it to a DVD, only to discover that the image is too big for a normal blank DVD, but it can be done. Here’s how to do it! Download Mountain Lion from the Mac App Store — but don’t install it yet! Find the […]

The EU and ICO are at it again! (2012-5-10)

If you’ve visited the site before, hello again and thanks for coming back but you’ll have missed the new addition to the site. Allow me to explain. On May 26th 2011 a new EU originated law came into effect that requires website owners like me to make changes to their sites and change the whole […]

A word to the wise (or those with cPanel VPS or servers) (2011-12-8)

I got asked the other day how you’d make a cPanel server more secure and so here’s a few tips that might just help. 1) Use secure passwords! The use of insecure passwords is the most common weak point in server security. If an account password is insecure and is compromised, sites can be defaced, […]

So sorry but this is a geeky entry! (2011-8-25)

I had an experience today which wasn’t good. I had a runaway process and I SO did not want a restart (I’m an uptime whore) so I needed to see which process was the issue. pstree had been recommended to be, but I didn’t have that on my Mac and finding current source was a […]

The return of the PC (2010-12-21)

This post is an object lesson in eating humble pie. Some readers will have read my post when I said goodbye to my desktop PC and moved over to the Mac only. Well for productivity uses, that’s fine BUT where games are concerned, this plan simply did not work. Nice try but a failure. The […]

The coming together of two loves – my beloved Mac Mini and Frontier First Encounters! (2010-8-7)

Today is a GOOD day, it’s one of those days of revelation where the past and the future meet and all is well. It’s a day where the simplest and cheapest of things makes your heart fly with delight and the world is a better place all round. I had assumed that such a day […]

This is so fecking cool! (2010-2-25)

Neurosonics Live from Chris Cairns on Vimeo.

Oh the joys of VLC – version 1 is FINALLY out (2009-7-8)

Oh yes, I’m having a rant about Open Source software again, I know but VLC is truly a masterpiece especially for those of us who can’t afford the latest quad-core machines with terabytes of storage and huge video cards capable of shifting petabits of data around. Aside from the obvious point that I can run […]

OSX 10.5.7 upgrades and PPC Macs don’t mix! (2009-5-29)

OK, before I start allow me to apologize for the tone of this post. Right, Mr Jobs et al at Apple Corp, listen up!  Your fecking 10.5.7 upgrade doesn’t fecking work on PPC Mac Mini’s.  Neither the combo or delta fecking work.  They totally feck up the machine, did you not fecking test the fecking […]