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A blast from the past! (2014-6-23)

I remember getting this track as a second 7 inch single with Thin Lizzy’s ‘Cold Sweat’ and frankly this was so much better! Not sure whom might appreciate this nowadays but I offer it here for your possible enjoyment. Live from Hammersmith in 1981, it’s “Don’t Believe a Word”. Enjoy

A little ditty…. (2014-1-9)

Where do I start? This thing’s tearing us apart Nothing is clear, where do we go from here? No wonder in sight, not even the blackest night So where do I start? It only remains to empty this heart Everything that I came to trust slipped away I resisted the call to arms, feet of […]

The lyrics say it all…. (2013-6-13)

Happy Birthday to me! (2013-4-16)

Enjoy a classic live Mike Oldfield performance (2013-2-18)

It was recorded by Central TV at the Royal Concert Hall Nottingham in 1981. I wish it was the full concert but it’s not. Not seen this around too much and so I thought I’d share. Enjoy.

Just a short entry… enjoy! (2012-8-18)