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Today my thoughts are about mortality. (2001-4-29)

I was back on the Toyfair trail this weekend, and by chance meet a very old and dear friend, Don Kerridge. Now I knew that he had lost his wife a while ago, but what I didn’t know was how much it effected him, and how the details might echo into my thoughts later. Don’s […]

T-minus 2 days to payday and counting! (2001-4-25)

Oh how I am looking forward to that. Not that I’ll get much chance to do anything about it for course, but it’ll nice to see a credit balance when I go to the bank. I ought to learn to budget better, but retail therapy is a wonderful thing!! Apart from that, there’s not much […]

Monday, monday…. (2001-4-23)

Not a bad day actually, though I have discovered that I might have an issue with the dietary constraints my ulcer has placed on me. A low fat diet, so no fast food, chocolate, and regular mealtimes are not nice but I will survive, but when the quack said “No Alcohol” … well there is […]

The end of the weekend can be the most depressing time I know! (2001-4-22)

ust as you start to enjoy yourself, it’s all over and back to the grind at work. It’s not that I don’t enjoy my job, sometimes I still do, but a little more technical challenge would be nice, rather than queries about domain registrations and elementary DNS configuration. I suspect I could program an expert […]

Well another interesting day… NOT!!! (2001-4-21)

Well not quite, my previous days postings on a new page (follow the link) seem to have caused a response. I have trouble in believing there is any real reason why I got three complaints about my posting yesterday. It would seem some of the people I see on the street do not poo, have […]

The onset of age is upon me, and what an interesting couple of days it has been! (2001-4-20)

I have a peptic ulcer. I discovered this fact when I started bleeding from the places one uses when visiting the toilet! As a man, you don’t get to experience that very often, and to be candid when I saw the evidence, I wondered for a split second whether I had been shot in a […]