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Jacks 2nd Birthday (2001-7-30)

Hope you all had a good weekend. I’m still recovering from Jack’s second birthday party on Sunday. I think I suffered from toy overload, and cake addiction for a while. It never ceases to amaze me how developed he is for his age, and still wonder where that lovely baby boy went. Fatherhood is most […]

What a muppet day! (2001-7-25)

What a muppet day!! I have personally dealt with every individual tosser on the face of the planet today! WHY ME!!! On a more serious note, I’ve been told that one of my closest friends, Clive Hayward is in the QMC here in Nottingham after a cancer operation. Get well soon, Clive me old mucker! […]

How to upset American lawyers (2001-7-18)

Today is one of those days, where someone gives you an idea and you just have to do it. The idea is for a website that is an information exchange for the Nottingham area. It would be web-based, free-to-use and if for no other reason, it was worth doing for a laugh. So why not, […]

Friday the 13th!!!!! (2001-7-13)

Friday the 13th no less, and don’t I know it. I can’t say it’s been too bad really, even had the chance of a beer and foot-long at lunch, so life is reasonably good. I really am looking forward to a full weekend off though, it has been so long since I got two days […]

The joys of parents evening (2001-7-10)

I had to go to my son’s parents evening last night. It still never ceases to amaze me just how small the seats are at his school, it was a nightmare getting up out of them. The report itself was good which was nice to hear, lets just hope it stays that way. In case […]

Calm before the storm (2001-7-9)

I hope you all had a nice weekend. It would have been better if Henman, the Test Match squad, and the Lions had won, but hey they’re British and so losing is required of them! I got to meet my new niece, Kayleigh yesterday, and she’s SO CUTE! I’ve posted a few images upto the […]

Pensive moods. (2001-7-6)

I must confess to being in a pensive mood. It’s funny how occasionally your mind drifts onto stuff like this. Lately, I must confess to feeling a little isolated socially. Let’s be fair, I have never been Mr. Popular or part of the “crowd”, but even by my low standards, I’m not flavour of the […]

Happy Independence Day! (2001-7-4)

Hi all, and greetings to all those Americans who got their independence on this day all those years ago. It is a little ironic that to do so, they took the land of the indigenous people of the continent, but hey they weren’t European and so didn’t count in their eyes! My Counterstrike career is […]