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Damn children…. (2001-10-29)

Morning everybody. Let’s start with a bit of prose :- I love my kids, I love them to bits And I even love them When they give me nits!! Yes, the little blighters weren’t the only ones who came home from school on Friday. So £20 later with every type of nit cream, mousse, combs […]

The approaching winter is taking it’s toll. (2001-10-23)

I’m leaving for work in the dark and returning in the dimming light at the end of the day. I’m not sure if I suffer from Seasonally Adjusted Disorder (SAD), but I do feel happier when the sun is out, and not seeing the sun for a while, does seem to get me down. Not […]

Tales of muslim squirrels! (2001-10-19)

Have any of you ever felt paranoid? No? Well I have. I took a walk today through the park to work, and I swear the squirrels were looking at me. You know the ones. The little Bin Laden, Muslim squirrels that spy on people, with their squirrel camcorders, digital cameras and voice activated tape recorders. […]

Ode to paranoia (2001-10-11)

Not exactly at my best today. I keep being constantly being made aware of the double-standards in life, and unfortunately some of the people exhibiting this regrettable behavior are those closest to me, and those who should know better. What is so wrong with wanting to be treated the same way as others are treated […]

It can’t be just me surely…. (2001-10-10)

Does anybody else suffer from this, but why is it that people only want to talk to you when they want something? Normally I just get ignored whether it’s by email, SMS or whatever UNTIL they want somebody wants something, and hey.. the phone rings, the mobile beeps or whatever. I suppose that’s the way […]

That last post got some attention! (2001-10-9)

Boy, have yesterday’s comments caused a response!! It’s in the journal if you want to review it. I am told that my views are too simplistic, and a number of people have quoted me the “eye for an eye” bull. Well, call me oldfashioned, but if you believe the tale of Moses bringing down the […]

Is it just me …. (2001-10-8)

Hello everybody! Hope you’re all well. Sorry that I haven’t updated the website for a week, but I needed to take a few days off the “day job”. Is it just me or has the world gone completely mad? The attacks on the WTC on the 11th of September were horrific, and we’ve all seen […]