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Frozen dog poo…… (2001-11-30)

The end of another week at work, and the end of the month as well. Christmas approaches apace with the trees and decorations springing up around the place. I suppose I’ll need to get our Christmas stuff sorted out at home, I’m sure the kids’ll love the fuss and excitement of it all. I’ve still […]

The day after payday… (2001-11-29)

The euphoria of payday has passed, to be replaced by the reality of a cold wet late November morning. I must confess to being a little sanguine this morning, I suspect the damp and dreary start to the day has affected my mood a little. I did treat myself to a new phone yesterday, a […]

Payday again! The cash machine doesn’t laugh at me any more. (2001-11-28)

I had a very strange dream last night. Basically it was a scene from the film “The Godfather”. The scene where the Godfather wants everyone dead, only in my dream it was the Tweenies he wanted dead! I can just imagine Doodles severed head in the bed! Very strange I’m sure you’d agree, but it […]

Have you ever spoken to someone who can’t give you a straight answer? (2001-11-13)

I’ve been getting that from loads of people today, and it’s really funny. In this world of computers and technology it’s often difficult not to think of things as noughts and ones, black and while, on or off. In life a great many things are not as simple as that, I know that, but hey […]

The onset of winter continues a pace. (2001-11-7)

Trees shedding their leaves, and the colours of nature changing to the browns and greys of the cold winter months. Personally if it wasn’t for the short days and the lack of sun, I’d like this time of year. The cold and the damp never has bothered me too much. But the crisp cold air […]

Deep thought … and no mention of 42! (2001-11-5)

Hello everybody. Hope you all had a good weekend. For me, Monday has arrived and has found me in thoughtful mood. I have the privilege to work with many very skilled individuals, most of whom are younger than I, and my thoughts today are based on observations of the actions and reactions of one of […]