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The start of the weekend … (2001-12-29)

… and I suppose the New Year festivities for some as well. Of course I have the “joys” of the Droitwich toyfair tomorrow and so it’s an early night for me. I was nice to see the snow falling this morning, though it would have been nice to have a good fall of the stuff […]

Another quiet day at work… (2001-12-28)

… so I got to work on uploading some new images of the boys and the in-laws, they’re in the image library for all to see. I’ll add some more piccy’s over the next few weeks. Some of you will have seen my troll hunting on the Nottingham newsgroups. I think I may have upset […]

4 days to Christmas!!! (2001-12-21)

Not only that but it’s also the last day at work before Christmas, it’s a Friday and it’s payday, all on the same day!!! AWESOME!!! Today I was so chilled at work, I thought I was going to become hypothermic! I am so relaxed! Another footlong as well, life is good. I even went home […]

5 days to Christmas!!! (2001-12-20)

Brrr… Crikey it was cold this morning! Well I suppose it is just five days to Christmas. The frost in the roofs of the houses and the cars adds to the Xmas feel. Even Jack’s asked me who the “fat man in red” was! To which I replied it was his father wearing a Welsh […]

6 days to Christmas!!! (2001-12-19)

“And the time’s they are a changin’”. Bob Dylan, what a great talent. I was listening to that track on the way to work this morning, and it’s amazing how relevant it is after so much time has passed since it was written. As with all things in life, entropy prevents things from remaining the […]

7 days to Christmas!!! (2001-12-18)

Into the final week before Christmas and the excitement is finally arriving. I still have a shed load of wrapping of presents etc to do, not to mention trying to the boys from wrecking the house in the interim. Both of the boys have been eating too many sweets or something, because they seem to […]

8 days to Christmas!!! (2001-12-17)

One more week at work before the Xmas break, and it’s back to the grindstone on a cold and dark December Monday morning. And you know what? I don’t care. I’ve come to the conclusion that worrying about things just doesn’t do any good, so I’ve let all the hassles of life go. I’m going […]

9 days to Christmas!!! (2001-12-16)

This is a rarity, an update to the website over the weekend, but to be honest, finally I have the time to do so so I’m using the opportunities open to me. Christmas grows ever closer and to be honest I’m starting to really look forward to it, though all the wrapping of presents I […]

11 days to Christmas!!! (2001-12-14)

I must confess that the Christmas spirit has finally started to appear. I was getting concerned that I wasn’t going to get into the swing of things, but it would seem that it’s unlikely to be a problem now. Cool. It’s like a cloud has started to lift. A few days of chilling and relaxation, […]

13 days to Christmas!!! (2001-12-12)

I’m feeling a bit poo’ey today. I suspect I’ve got the bug the boys have been suffering with for a while. I feel as sick as a dog right now. Still, I managed to make it through the working day and so I can be proud of that. Sometimes you just have to do what […]