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Oh! Here comes the flood! (2002-1-30)

To quote Peter Gabriel, “Oh! Here comes the flood!”, workwise that is. I seem to be drowning in work at the mo. But at least it’s keeping me occupied. I don’t know about you guys but isn’t it nice that the days are drawing out a bit. It may not be light on the way […]

Well it’s the end of another week ! (2002-1-25)

… and first things first, thank you Julie!!! She’s the lady who does the payroll at work, and we got paid early, so she’s lovely!! I’ve noted with interest the arguments over spamming on the Nottingham newsgroups. Newsgroups traditionally actively dislike spammers, they pollute the newsgroups with commercial activity which for the Nottingham newsgroups is […]

Happy Birthday Christopher ! (2002-1-23)

He’s finally made it to seven, and right now, I’m all caked out! Jack of course had absolutely no idea it wasn’t his birthday, so we had to get him a couple of presents as well. At least they stayed in bed until a semi-reasonable hour which isn’t like them really, and before you ask, […]

This Damn Cold! (2002-1-22)

Well at last I seem to have got rid of this damn cold, and even Ann seems to be getting better too, just in time for Christopher’s birthday tomorrow. He’s going to be 7. Where did those seven years go? It doesn’t seem that long ago I was holding him the day he was born, […]

Monday, monday (2002-1-21)

(Can’t remember the rest of the lyrics! – sorry) Hi all, hope you had a nice weekend. For my trouble, I had such a bad dose of the flu, I ended up missing the Stafford toyfair, and staying in at home. I really dislike not going to work when I’m supposed to. I wouldn’t dream […]

As predicted yesterday, fatigue has finally taken it’s toll (2002-1-16)

Marathon runners describe it as “The Wall”. It’s the point where fatigue takes over suddenly as if you’ve just walked into a wall. The trick is simply to keep going through the tiredness and just keep carry on. Right now, that’s what I’m trying to do. Tiredness like this is the main reason for giving […]

Waking dead …. (2002-1-15)

Today should have been the day when my weekend’s work finally caught up with me, but for some reason it didn’t happen, and if I’m being honest I’m more awake today than I was yesterday. Perhaps I’m finally getting used to the work! I suspect I’ll just feel like death tomorrow instead, so I’ll enjoy […]

Well for all you lot … (2002-1-11)

… it’s the end of another week, and the weekend beckons. For me, it’s just day five of a 12 day run of work as I have the Stoke and Nottingham toyfairs over the weekend to look forward to. In fairness, once you’re in the swing of working every day it isn’t that bad actually, […]

Half way through the week (2002-1-9)

… and I must confess to feeling very very tired. I could sleep for a week right now, and judging by my performance at work I may well be already asleep and just not know it! Was it The Verve who sung “The drugs don’t work, they just make it worse”? Well, I’m going through […]

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! (2002-1-2)

Well, it’s a day late but I got there in the end. I saw in the New Year with Ann and Christopher (Jack is fast asleep for a change!) It was nice to spend some quality time over Christmas and the New Year with Ann and the boys, I hope they enjoyed it as much […]