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OSX 10.5.7 upgrades and PPC Macs don’t mix! (2009-5-29)

OK, before I start allow me to apologize for the tone of this post. Right, Mr Jobs et al at Apple Corp, listen up!  Your fecking 10.5.7 upgrade doesn’t fecking work on PPC Mac Mini’s.  Neither the combo or delta fecking work.  They totally feck up the machine, did you not fecking test the fecking […]

Damn you Rammstein! (2009-5-20)

Much as I love Rammstein, their decision to exclude the UK from their new tour sucks more than Monica Lewinsky did in the White House!  I saw them at the Nottingham Arena in 2005 and they were fecking fantastic.  The place was packed out, the merchantise was sold out and the bars ran dry.  They […]

Welcome! (2009-5-20)

Welcome to my new blog.  It’s odd to think that I’ve been blogging on or off since 2000 but after some work in conversion of old articles (many of which are just pages of HTML) hopefully this modified version of WordPress will serve as a new home to the various bits and pieces I’ve generated […]