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Time to get a grip! (2009-6-26)

I am so pee’d off with the fecking media. All over the planet people are dying, dying of aids, dying of cancer, dying of malaria, dying at the hand of a mans gun or knife, dying of all sorts and yet all we get on the news is stories about a middle aged singer who […]

Shit I wish I was going to Download! (2009-6-12)

DAMN! I could really use a few days in a tent, pissed as a trooper, listening to some awesome bands at Donnington.  Heck it’s not like the old days I know but even so…… For all those you are going, be thankful you lucky bar stewards! For those like me who aren’t, lets hope the […]

Don’t think of 3 and Customer Service as having any connection at all! (2009-6-9)

Ok, rant mode enabled. I have officially given up on getting a ZTE MF627 HSDPA Modem from 3 running under OSX 10.5.7 – I’m not sure even the mighty ‘Driscoll’ could do it! And for the record, 3 customer support sucks harder than a prostitute on piece work! It would be better for 3 if […]

It lives again! The Lazurus Mac Mini returns once more. (2009-6-1)

Thanks to the help of a fellow Ubuntu and Mac user from South Africa, my PPC Mac Mini has been resurrected and upgraded successfully to 10.5.7.  Many many thanks Obido!  I’m SO glad to get that machine back up and running.  It got so bad I had to resort to using a Windows machine almost […]