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Today has not been the best of days! (2009-8-24)

Now it’s nothing work related before you ask. Those chaps and chapesses at work have all been … well brilliant. It’s just Ann isn’t well, not well at all. I don’t think anyone likes leaving a loved one alone in hospital, but I’m also a daddy and those boys need me too so I didn’t […]

OK, that’s it! The bunny rabbit is going to die! (2009-8-13)

Rant mode enabled ….. FFS who wanted us to have a fecking rabbit? I fecking hate that fecking evil fecking rabbit! It’s got fecking blood red eyes, it fecking hates me, it hates everything, it fecking eats everything and what it doesn’t eat it shits on! I FUCKING HATE THAT RABBIT! It’s eaten the fecking […]