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Only time will tell….. (2009-11-30)

I have arrived at an intellectual chaos (2009-11-30)

Not my words but the words of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, one of my favourite authors. Describes me quite well at present, I really do not know where my head is at. I’m not sleeping as well as I should, not eating that well either, I can’t concentrate for long periods and I can’t be there for […]

The times they are a’changin……. (2009-11-28)

I’ve not blogged for a while as there’s been a few other issues that needed resolution. In my case, it was the separation from my wife Ann, which happened yesterday. There’s no way I’ll go into detail here as to what may or may not have happened, it’s private and for just the two of […]

Privacy – what is it? (2009-11-15)

In a classical or historical sense, privacy has meant “the right to be left alone”. In the 21st Century however, privacy has taken on a multitude of definitions. To some it means the right to enjoy private space, to conduct private communications, to be free from surveillance and to respect the sanctity of one’s body. […]

Solitude has it’s purpose (2009-11-8)

I’m not the smartest of men and I don’t attempt to be so either. I might have a way with words sometimes and possibly an ability to express myself to some very limited degree but in truth I am no more better or worse than any other person in that regard. I try not to […]

I may not be much of a man to some…. (2009-11-2)

… and perhaps I might be less of a man than many think or believe and I’ll accept that as true too. Accepting that in myself also means I can hold my own head high, have a little pride in myself and a modicum of self respect and self control. If anyone has issues with […]

On the subject of loss…. (2009-11-2)

This morning as I walked to work, dressed in black, deep in thought and dour in myself I was suddenly struck by the realisation of the mortality of all things. Be it people, places, relationships, friendships, material possessions, no matter what everything has it’s time and everything ends. Just like oil and water, time and […]