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A New Beginning (2010-3-24)

Regular readers will be aware of some changes in my personal life over the last few months. I’ve tried not to blog about them too much as the situation was not ideal and I was minded to be cautious for the benefit of all the other concerned parties. That and I was concerned to allow […]

For some reason I really fancy a bacon buttie! (2010-3-22)

Is it me or do you get this? I woke this morning and I so wanted a bacon sandwich it was unreal! I wasn’t hungry, didn’t need the food but equally didn’t have time to sort one out before work. I’ve gone the entire day with the smell of grilled bacon on my mind to […]

OMG! – Check this out! (2010-3-11)

Something to make all the Civ fanbois out there jizz in their pants!