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Another blast from the past …. (2010-4-22)

July 07, 2003 If everybody thought before they spoke, the silence would be deafening. “Thinking in words slows you down and actually decreases comprehension in much the same way as walking a tightrope too slowly makes one lose one’s balance.” – Lenore Fleischer Today I’ve been told that perhaps I think too much. Too much […]

… but I get up again…. (2010-4-22)

Keep Calm and Carry On! (2010-4-19)

‘You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly.’ – Sam Keen Today has been a difficult day. Not due to work issues, my colleagues in that regard have been most excellent. Just the repeated updating of ones personal status to people is tiresome after a while. […]

The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone. (2010-4-17)

Goethe won’t be to everybody’s taste I know, but it suits my situation well. Yesterday wasn’t great. Well actually that’s a massive understatement but it’s done now. Today will not be good either. I suspect the issues of yesterday will take a while to play out. Wish me luck over the next few days, I […]

As I sit here in the gloom; Of my cold and lonely room; How my heart is filled with fears and my eyes are filled with tears; Got the Happy Birthday Blues (2010-4-16)

Sometimes in life people say things and do not realise the strength or consequences of their words. They can cause real harm. We’ve all done it of course, I’m as guilty of it as the next person. Today someone reminded me that I can still be hurt. They might not have realised what they did […]

One from the archives as it amused me to re-read it! (2010-4-16)

19th October 2001 … Have any of you ever felt paranoid? No? Well I have. I took a walk today through the park to work, and I swear the squirrels were looking at me. You know the ones. The little Bin Laden, Muslim squirrels that spy on people, with their squirrel camcorders, digital cameras and […]

I might have been blogging for too long…. but not everything changes! (2010-4-6)

April 21, 2003 Working Bank Holidays Sucks!!! People can be unreliable and disloyal; possessions can lose their value; jobs that once stimulated you can become boring. But principles remain steady through it all. – Nido Qubein As the title says, working on a Bank Holiday really does suck big time. I’m the only one here […]