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Enjoy! (2010-7-29)

Big up to the Boyo Posse! (2010-7-22)

“For I don’t care too much for money, For money can’t buy me love.” (2010-7-22)

The wisdom of the Beatles, I’ve not heard that song in a long time. My mum has or had the 7 inch single for that track and I remember listening to it and other Beatles songs on an old mono gramophone and being taken aback by the simplicity of the vocal and production of the […]

For all those who read too much or completely the wrong things into what’s posted here …. (2010-7-14)

Those the days. When men were men, and judging by the soul divas, some of them might have been men too, judging by their size!

Truth makes many appeals, not the least of which is its power to shock. (2010-7-14)

Wow, well today has been eventful. Hopefully in a good way. I took a call this morning and learnt some information which made me think of things in a whole new way. At best I’m an unconvinced atheist but I do reckon some deity might have been smiling on me at some point. Things are […]

Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm. (2010-7-4)

I’ve noted of late the ability of some to see the negative in everything around them, and try as I might, I must confess to not being to see that myself. Maybe I’m just in a very happy place right now. It’s true that life is good, work’s fab and I’ve found a level of […]