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A blast from the past …. (2010-10-22)

The need to feel significant (2010-10-21)

We cannot stop ourselves from needing to feel significant at some level. It’s a social trait that has evolved within us, and it’s necessary for our survival. So why feeling significant so important? Well not feeling significant causes pain. On an emotional personal level it makes us feel unloved and rejected, sometimes even causing us […]

Cold Autumn Days (2010-10-20)

I believe in Shakespeare, and in Dylan Thomas, and in cold autumn days, and in the Smiths, and in clouds, and in glasses of chilled red wine as big as bathtubs. I believe in coffee and poetry and music and second-hand bookstores. I believe in flowers and bowers and bumblebees and Fats Waller and beautiful […]

FCKH8 – Support the cause. (2010-10-15)

Decision made (2010-10-14)

Job done, move along.

Nothing lasts forever – not even your troubles. (2010-10-12)

‘Walking away from situations you find emotionally upsetting is not an admission of defeat, but a sign of wisdom.’ I am mindful of how I write this entry and the issues for some it might raise and so forgive me if I am a little less than candid here today but I would like to […]

You know you’re a dad when …. (2010-10-6)

Today has been a very strange day. Well stranger than normal anyway, I work with a lot of truly wonderful people but things can get a little silly if not crazy at work sometimes. The day got stranger when someone asked me what the signs were there to show if a bloke was a dad […]

Some words that popped into my head – need to get Sibelius out and write the music for the lyric. (2010-10-3)

Maybe if I close my eyes And think about it long enough I can erase your face From everything I’m dreaming of There’s only one way to know for sure You’ve got to tell me all the things you never were Where do I begin There’s so much to talk about I remember when It […]