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Memories are made of these …. (2011-9-14)

‘Own only what you can carry with you; know language, know countries, know people. Let your memory be your travel bag.’ – Alexander Solzhenitsyn As some people might have noticed, I’ve started to made public some blog entries which were previously hidden. Eventually the public blog will include entries from 2001 to now. Entries prior […]

Thoughts on friendship. (2011-9-7)

I went to see a dear friend of mine, Paul Mozul a few days, and as normal the conversation got deep and meaningful over a bottle of dark rum. The question posed was “How do you know who your real friends are?”. Now there’s a big question. In my experience, the people who call themselves […]

Just a little thought (2011-9-5)

You’re the beauty, wild and free in pristine skies you fly with me. We go where night begins and frozen sunlight sings. Eden as no dream could ever be A moment in time of magical history. Your smile becomes my morning star even though my love for you is from afar.