Ode to a piece of puTTY ……

Forgive the title, a reference to the twin loves of mine of late, Douglas Adam’s ‘Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’ and the popular SSH client, without which my work life would be a whole lot harder. Also forgive me for not blogging sooner. I did undertake to participate in the ‘Project 52’ movement to blog once a week and it’s fair to say this time around I am a tad tardy and as such I do apologize in that regard. That said, based on the comments left since my last entry, the only people reading this are bots looking to spam comments pages for the sale of little blue tablets, diet pills, pay-day loans and other ‘snake oil’ type products. It’s clear that the art of Artificial Intelligence has not yet arrived, otherwise such programs would spam on site where their commercial messages might actually be read.

Enough of that for now. What to write about I wonder. Well work wise it’s not been a bad week or month for that matter. I would at this point mention a truly brilliant console site which was brought to my attention this week at work by Paul Mellors but for the life of me I can not remember the URL. Perhaps we can add a comment on that on his blog or here. In return, I’ll hopefully to take him the copy of Final Cut I have for him (If I remember of course, at my somewhat advanced age my mind is not what it once was and wasn’t up to much to start with if the truth be told)

Aside from that I’ve been lucky enough to see a old artist friend of mine, Mark Harrison, whose work is simply fantastic and I was most fortunate to have a few of his pieces or work now which are in desperate need of a good frame, to be hung and to brighten up the Berry Base Camp a little with a splash of colour and texture. Thank you Mark for making his old man feel glad of heart to see you, and should anyone knows a good picture framer in Nottingham, feel free to let me know as I require their services and would prefer to mount the wonderful pieces Mark gave me with a quality frame the greatness of the work deserves.

It is equally true that being the end of the month and so the time where money briefly appears in my bank account, a brief sojourn to a Public House once or twice has been in order, and indeed such visits have been concluded with a great deal of merriment and good humour and I’d thank those whom took part for their company, wit and conversation.

Aside from those moments worthy of mention, the week has been an object lesson in routine. Nothing wrong with that at all of course, one can not live in a state of permanent excitement or hedonism as life is not so designed. I’ve meet with my old friends Mr Washing Machine, Mr. Shower, Mr Hoover and so on as we all do. It’s fair to say that at times I party less than Rudolf Hess while he enjoyed his extended stay at Spandau! Not to worry, I’m sure my liver will thank me for the respite from alcohol exposure staying in allows for. It has also allowed to finally do some writing. Something I do enjoy though I must confess to not being very good at. Too many ideas, not always enough time to get them all down, I frequently leave out words or badly construct sentences and so on. Some more thought and less haste would seem in order.

Right on the basis I have little more of note to say which can be included in a public forum such as this, I’ll conclude here. To those whom know I love them (and they would know as I would have told you), might I reiterate the affection you are held in here. Much love.

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