Oh the joys of VLC – version 1 is FINALLY out

Oh yes, I’m having a rant about Open Source software again, I know but VLC is truly a masterpiece especially for those of us who can’t afford the latest quad-core machines with terabytes of storage and huge video cards capable of shifting petabits of data around.

Aside from the obvious point that I can run the same software on my Linux, Mac or Windows machines so I know what I’m doing, it’s overheads in terms of memory and CPU usage are as low as possible which is handy when you run an old PPC Mac Mini as I do!  You don’t have to be stuck with Windows Media Player, iTunes or Quicktime so give it go.  It’s free after all.  The site containing the Mac and Windows versions for download is at http://www.videolan.org/vlc/ and for Ubuntu users, bang open a terminal, update your repositories and do a quick ‘sudo apt-get install vlc’ and away you go.

admin posted at 2009-7-8 Category: Computing