The return of the PC

This post is an object lesson in eating humble pie. Some readers will have read my post when I said goodbye to my desktop PC and moved over to the Mac only. Well for productivity uses, that’s fine BUT where games are concerned, this plan simply did not work. Nice try but a failure. The reason for this change of heart is simple, Civ5!

I have the Mac and the PC version and frankly both versions need more graphics poke than my Mac hardware can provide and so armed with some old used kit and some cobbled together pieces of tat, a new PC has been born and it just run rather well. It’s not the quietest of machines as yet, it’s a bit of a bodge job (what else did you expect from me!) but it’ll suffice for a gaming PC while my wonderful Mac Mini can do all the other important stuff!

admin posted at 2010-12-21 Category: Computing