The weekend is drawing ever closer …

… and since it’s a long weekend, I’m looking forward to it all the more.

Today, we entertained a VIP at work, the shadow deputy Prime Minster, the Right Honorable Michael Portillo MP. I have no idea what the man is like, since I didn’t actually get to meet him, but it was nice to see the office so tidy, and judging by the conversations he had with some of my colleagues, he seems a genuine bloke.

Having said that, I recently read the biography of Edward Windsor, and after he abdicated as King, he spent a holiday as a guest of Adolf Hitler, and said of him, that he was a “perfectly decent man”. History may have other opinions on the man behind the Holocaust of course. The bottom line you can never be sure of a person without knowing them properly. And so, the thought I’d like all of you to consider revolves around sheep and wolves clothing, and the fact that caution is such matters with politicians is almost always wise.

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