Is it just me ….

Hello everybody! Hope you’re all well. Sorry that I haven’t updated the website for a week, but I needed to take a few days off the “day job”.

Is it just me or has the world gone completely mad? The attacks on the WTC on the 11th of September were horrific, and we’ve all seen the television pictures etc, but call me old fashioned, but aren’t we supposed to be better than those terrorists? Whether it’s planes into skyscapers or cruise missiles into shacks in Kabul, the innocent civilians will be just as terrified. We have a Prime Minister who claims to be a Christian. Well I’m no scholar of theology but I can remember the sixth commandment “Thou shalt not kill.”, it would appear that he and others have forgotten that. And who argues the case for any alternative? No one seems brave enough to do so. Well I am. Killing is wrong, two wrongs do NOT make a right, and evidentially we will lose this battle as so many others by creating martyrs of innocent people, rather than seeking to use the due course of law to deal with situations peacefully. We complain of people using the name of Islam to kill, and then pervert basic Christian values to do the same thing.

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