That last post got some attention!

Boy, have yesterday’s comments caused a response!! It’s in the journal if you want to review it.

I am told that my views are too simplistic, and a number of people have quoted me the “eye for an eye” bull. Well, call me oldfashioned, but if you believe the tale of Moses bringing down the Ten Commandments from Mount Sinai, then why didn’t he go back a couple of days later for a couple of changes, if killing was allowed under certain circumstances. But there were no exceptions to them, no changes, no updates. They weren’t delivered with a explanatory leaflet or interactive CD-ROM outlining the principles. If you believe that, then the Lord meant them to be taken straight, as they are. Killing is wrong. How can we condemn terrorism against us, when we practice a state sponsored version of it, delivered by our armed forces? Terror is terror, no matter how you attempt to justify those actions.

It’s the 21st Century, and the news reveals the Western world acting as if the Crusades never ended, more like the 11th Century then the 21st. I had hoped mankind might have evolved beyond this, clearly I was wrong.

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