Tales of muslim squirrels!

Have any of you ever felt paranoid? No? Well I have. I took a walk today through the park to work, and I swear the squirrels were looking at me. You know the ones. The little Bin Laden, Muslim squirrels that spy on people, with their squirrel camcorders, digital cameras and voice activated tape recorders. (I wonder where they buy those? They’ve only got little legs so it must be local!!) I must be going mad, and I bet I’m not alone, because I saw more than one other person being freaked out by it too!!

At this time of year, the Toyfair business gets very, very busy, and I’m working the entire weekend again! So if you see a tired zombie walking around Stoke-on-Trent or Droitwich during the weekend, say hello because it may be me. And the worse thing is, it’s Friday, and they sold out of footlongs on the market! 🙁 Oh well, back to Expresso hell, and the world of work. (I need to get out and play more often, you know!) Take care all.

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