Damn children….

Morning everybody. Let’s start with a bit of prose :-

I love my kids,
I love them to bits
And I even love them
When they give me nits!!

Yes, the little blighters weren’t the only ones who came home from school on Friday. So £20 later with every type of nit cream, mousse, combs etc, and we’re all parasite free again. Ann took great delight in telling everyone she didn’t have any, and then make sure the rest of the family stunk of nit stuff for the rest of our lives. Nice! Seriously, she did look after all, and here’s an online thanks and we all love you too, sweetheart.

Roll on Wednesday night, my evil twin tells me he’ll be out on the piss, with lots of the other evil twins, so Nottingham. you have been warned! Not sure whether Trollop will make it which would be a shame, but hey you can’t have everything and at least miss.demeanor will be!

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