How to Burn OS X Mountain Lion to a DVD!

I upgraded to OSX Mountain lion recently and wanted to burn it to a DVD, only to discover that the image is too big for a normal blank DVD, but it can be done. Here’s how to do it!

Download Mountain Lion from the Mac App Store — but don’t install it yet!

Find the installer in your Applications folder and right-click on it then select “Show Package Contents.” Head to Contents > SharedSupport and look for the file called “InstallESD.dmg”

Go to Utilities -> Disk Utility: File->New->Blank Disk Image
Choose Size: 4.6GB, Format: Mac OS Extended (Journaled), Image Format: read/write disk image, Partitions: Single partition – CD/DVD. Pick whatever name you want, I wrote “Mountain Lion DVD”.

Double-click InstallESD.dmg, to mount the partitions inside.

Now you should have two mounted volumes: “Mountain Lion DVD” and “Mac OS X Install ESD”. Fire up Terminal and write:

cp -Rv “/Volumes/Mac OS X Install ESD”/* “/Volumes/Mountain Lion DVD”/

It should start copying, it’ll output the file names as it copies them. It shouldn’t give any errors.

Open up Disk Utility from your Applications > Utilities folder and drag the DMG file into the sidebar on the left. If you’re burning to DVD: insert your disk, select the DMG file in the sidebar, and hit “Burn.”

Remember that to boot from your install disk/drive and install Mountain Lion, restart your Mac and hold the Option key down when you hear the startup chime.

admin posted at 2012-8-2 Category: Computing