All things Atari!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated and there’s a reason for that, my love affair with Atari 8-Bit computing! I’ve been playing the cartridges on original hardware, emulating games with a passion, bidding on Atari items on E-Bay (and mostly losing as I’m a cheapskate!) and working towards the launch of a YouTube channel too.

There’s something genuinely wonderful about any game running at 320×240 in 16 colours sometimes. It’s like going back in time, the memories of playing those games in my youth all come back. Star Raiders, Defender, Galaxians and Pacman. All the old favorites. I’m so looking forward to some more games of Frogger, Q-Bert, Star Wars and Qix to name a few.

I still need to get a working tape drive and disk drive (I’m not risking using the mint and boxed ones I have for messing about), and then things really will get interesting! If you know anyone with a 1050 or XF551 Atari drive for sale, let me know!!!

I’ve even managed to get the Atari800 emulator running on my Raspberry Pi which is just wonderful and should help me review games for the Youtube Channel when I can not use the original hardware for example the game Universe which needs 4 floppy drives to be connected! The Raspberry Pi may not be the worst most swift in computing terms but neither was the Atari so they seem well matched and as I have a spare 65XE case, I’m toying with the idea of popping the Pi into that, assuming I can get the keyboard to talk to the Pi OK. If anybody has any knowledge on how I can make that happen, you know how to get hold of me…..

admin posted at 2013-4-3 Category: Computing