Memories of a totally lovely lady

There is no pain so great as the memory of joy in present grief.

Today a great many people will be remembering an old lady with a great deal of affection coupled with a feeling of loss and sorrow, while others wonder what the fuss is all about. You might think I’m referring the funeral for Baroness Thatcher, but I’m actually talking about someone far more important to me, a far better woman all round and someone whom I will always miss.

There’s a picture added to this update, it’s of one of my most priced possessions. It’s a photo of two of the greatest people I’ve had the privilege to know and love. They are my maternal grandparents, John William and Phyllis Suter and the photo was taken at my sisters wedding reception as I remember. Today would have been my nanas birthday, the day after my own. I have so many happy and wonderful memories of them both and I’d give anything just to hear their voices and give them a hug once more.

So while the world watches the pictures of the procession through London of a former Prime Minster, I’ll be thinking of my nana, someone whose grace and love had no limit and whom the world is so much the poorer for her passing.


admin posted at 2013-4-17 Category: Family