Pinning for the Fjords, what type of talk is that!

Had a wonderful day in Stavanger yesterday, pictures to follow as Norwegians have no concept of free wifi and I’ve had no choice but to use the onboard Satellite connection to check for email etc. They said Norway was expensive and they were not joking! A cheeseburger at Burger King is £7! The old town was beautiful as was the dockside and the Water Gardens and it’s so very clean too but it’s mostly a modern city like any other. There are Bars, Restaurants, convenience stores etc. The language may be different but people are people and so their needs are basically similar. It’s also quite geared up for tourist and so was a little tacky in place, but commerce must have its place I suppose.

We docked at Flamm about 8.30am this morning, it’s at the end of one of the fjords and although it’s cloudy, wet and a tad cold, it is stunningly beautiful. The clouds hang over the forest as if the leaves of the trees are breathing out steam. Waterfalls leave trails of bare rock cut into the tall hillsides while small groups of houses sit scattered along the shore. The houses are mostly of wooden construction but all brightly coloured as if to contrast the green trees and grey stone of the fjord. The train station cuts what little town there is almost in half and while looking at it from the top deck of the ship, it reminds me a little of a model train set. I could almost picture the scene in an issue of Railway Modeller! It reminds a little of North Wales, with all the trees, bare rock and isolation. There’s no mobile phone coverage at all! None. The Immersat connection for the Internet is the only link out, the other satellite channels can not be received as the walls of the fjord block the necessary line of site so I have no idea of what might be happening back in old blighty.

I miss Chris and Jack, I wish they were here to enjoy the journey and experience with me. Hopefully that opportunity will come soon. Right it’s lunchtime and as all the food is included, I’m going to make the most of it and get even fatter (if that is possible)

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