A day off is worth it sometimes

Today I choose to take a day off and for once, do nothing more than relax, chill and geek out! It was so needed. I’ve stretched so thin that I felt like butter on sliced bread, not able to cover it all. As I write, I’m sitting in the Volo writing on my iPad while a nice pint of porter, considering the world and what might be. I’m hardly a 21st Century version of James Joyce but the locale and the scene remind me of some parts of Ulysses somehow. Hopefully the readers of this will understand the reference.

I realise I need to make more time to just be. No hassles, no issues, just to be myself. I maybe a dad and a partner and an employee and possibly more to some, but in the end I am just me. Nothing more than that and I can’t be anything else either. In light of that revelation, things are going to change and for the better! Watch this space……

admin posted at 2014-6-27 Category: Rants