It’s been a while….

It’s been over a year since I’ve updated the blog, that’s remiss of me I know. Not that anything has been wrong, but I was more concerned with other matters namely helping the Mozster with his battle with cancer. Unfortunately he lost that battle three weeks ago and I was fortunate enough to keep my word to him and stay with him while he passed away. He wasn’t in any pain at the end thankfully, though the person he was had left us long ago. After loosing his strength and hair, he lost his ability to walk and talk but he still had all his mental abilities intact so he was trapped inside a body that had failed him. So I suppose in the end, it was a release for him.

When you’ve known somebody for so many decades and then they pass away, some very odd things happen. A few days after he died, I bought him a game (we shared a Steam library) and then cried when I realised what I’d done. I’ll miss our little discussions about video games, politics and general nonsense. I’ll miss the long walks via various hostelrys we enjoyed. I’ll miss his wit and candor. Most of all I’ll miss his good company and they’ll be a little place in my heart that will always remain empty by his passing.

admin posted at 2016-4-6 Category: Family