That was the year that was….

Firstly forgive my tardiness in not blogging sooner but as regular readers (should such people exist) will know from previous entries, things have been a bit ‘up in the air’ and as such more practical matters have meant I’ve had to devote more time to them rather than updating the public side of this tome. I apologise in that regard, but I do hope if anyone reads this, then they will possibly understand the logic and rationale behind such a pause in entries.

It’s New Years Eve and a great many people are out and about, enjoying themselves, partying away, being sociable, taking pleasure in the company of others and there’s nothing wrong in that whatsoever. Frankly I wish I could join them but regrettably I’m in a more sombre mood, reflecting on the events of the year about to pass, the highs and the lows, the few triumphs and the many grave mistakes, the pleasant but infrequent highs and the more frequent and concerning lows. 2009 has not been a perfect year.

I am reminded at this time of year that I have hurt some of those whom I hold most dear to me. Sometimes through my own stupidity, sometimes through my own lack of awareness of myself and those around me, sometimes through my own lack of consideration and thought, sometimes just by plain old fashioned bad luck. To all those whom recognise themselves and their incidents in those words, I here and now apologise without reservation or hesitation. I am not nor do I claim to be perfect. I can recognise perfection in others but not in myself.

The year to come is likely to be a watershed, not just for me but some of those around me. Regrettably some of the decisions I’ve previously made will play out in the year before us all with unforeseen and negative consequences to some. There will be good of course, but there will also be bad. A lady friend once told me that fate was a bigger bitch than she could ever be and bless her dearly she was right.

There will also be choices I make in the year to come which will equally not be beneficial to all. We all face such choices in life, we do the best we can and hope for the best and I will be wrong in some of those decisions. I’m human, I will make mistakes. I would ask those whom might care about me to attempt to guide me along the best possible path. Ones friends, ones confidants, ones soothsayers are the best defence in life against folly. I’d ask for them to provide me with the wisdom they already have, for the benefit of myself and those I care for, love, respect and cherish.

If I have a New Years Resolution then it would be to not hurt those around me so much in the coming year. I hope not to repeat that in 2010. May your God (should you have one) go with you in life and love.

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