Better die than live mechanically a life that is a repetition of repetitions…

The title is a quote from D H Lawrence, a local lad from years past who knew how to spin a yarn, construct an argument, wrote prose and poetry so beautiful it would make a God weep and had more talent in his toe than I will ever have.

A friend of mine Alex mentioned the quote to me the other day, he’s the sort of bloke that reads things which aren’t in the mainstream and says things to try to make me think. He’s that sort of dude. In this case, we were nattering about some people (and I include myself very much in this) repeat similar patterns of behaviour, phrases or whatever. Just as a comedian will repeat a catchphrase, a priest recites a religious rite every Sunday and American shop workers say ‘Have a Nice Day’ when you leave a store in the US and don’t mean a damn word of it (a pet hate of mine), we can all fall into the trap of repeating ourselves without due consideration of our choice of words.

In pleasant chit-chat there’s no real harm in that of course, annoying though it can be but in serious debate when things of real import are being spoken about, the constant repetition of a statement which does not advance the discussion, serves no purpose other than to use up valuable time and when used in a effort to deny an alternative opinion is nothing more than petty. I have no objection to anyone telling me they don’t want to talk about something, that’s fine. I don’t mind stopping a discussion if the other person can’t add it to it and that’s fine too.

Alex reminded me I have on occasion (many occasions in fact) suffered from doing unto others as they have done unto me in this and other regards, and if that rings true for you dear reader then I do apologise for I should know better. I promise I will try not to repeat myself for no purpose and would only ask others to do the same. After all if the words serve no purpose, that often means those words equally don’t need saying……..

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